Foto Studio Cortez

45 years of experience

We are a Photo Studio company with 45 years of experience called Foto Studio Cortez, founded and managed by Jimmy Cortez, this love for photography is born from the mind of Mr. Jimmy and desire to project their ideas in professional photographs, also to be part of the best in family moments and what better way than the same, being part of the best memories that captivate the heart, thank you for choosing us, our customers by providing the highest quality.

We attend 24/7 and we cover all Phoenix from 20 to 60 miles, we have free estimates and we adjust your budget, do not wait any longer.

Being part of your best moments, and what better way to do it with us, we will provide you with the highest quality.

Marking your
best moments

Why choose us?

We are a photo studio company, marking the best moments of the family in a professional way, with 45 years of experience.